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Weatherproofing Your House Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

R&B Construction - Residential & Commercial General Contractor located in Falmouth, Massachusetts, serving Cape Cod - Waterproofing Your House Will Save You Money

Will weatherproofing your home save you money in the long run? The answer is yes. Any opening for water can cause mold, mildew, and eventually structural damages to your home. When looking at how secure your home is, here are the 4 main areas to consider:

1. Roof: If any roof shingles are lifted, cracked or curled there is most likely water getting underneath. Talk with your contractor about replacing your roof and different options for roofing materials that are more resistant to the weather.

2. Gutters: if your gutters are backed up or broken, they are allowing water to back up and cause damage to your house. Having gutters cleaned and properly installed, along with the addition of gutter guards, can save your house from damage.

3. Windows: Older windows can let a lot of unwanted cold or hot air into the house due to a lack of insulation along with deteriorating framework around them. Having new triple pane windows installed by professionals using appropriate flashing and trim to insulate and secure the new window will make a significant difference in the energy efficiency and security of your home.

4. Siding: Any holes, cracks, irregularity, or damage to your siding is allowing water to get into your home. Replacing with new siding by professionals using a house wrap system, such as Tyvek, to ensure there’s no water intrusion, will keep your home safe and efficient.

You can’t control the weather, but you can protect your house against it by making sure your contractor is using weatherproof materials and techniques when building or repairing your home.

R&B Construction is available for projects of all sizes. Schedule your free consultation today.

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